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 Good Enough Parenting (Secular Version)

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Good Enough Parenting (Secular Version)
Paperback: US$17.95 / S$24.00 (excl. shipping*)
Hardcover: US$41.95 / S$56.00 (excl. shipping*)
The Good Enough Parenting (Secular) book will be available in June 2015 in retail bookstores, including Amazon.com
Meanwhile, to purchase the book before the launch in June, please email us at: patsim@louiscts.com

*Kindly drop us an email to find out the cost of shipping/handling.


Good Enough Parenting (Biblical Version)


Good Enough Parenting (Biblical Version)
Paperback: US$34.99 / S$45.00 (excl. shipping)

Click on the following links to purchase your copy:
For Orders within the US & Canada
Paperback (ipibooks): https://www.ipibooks.com/IPIStore/Details/tabid/89/rvdsfpid/1085/#.VNzWUMa7nrg
Paperback (Amazon): http://www.amazon.com/Good-Enough-Parenting-Perspective-Exasperation/dp/1939086841

eBook Version
Kindle version (Amazon): http://www.amazon.com/Good-Enough-Parenting-Exasperation-ebook/dp/B00CHAYR46/

For orders outside of the US & Canada
Kindly email us at patsim@louiscts.com to make your purchase.