Good Enough Parenting (Secular)

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Good Enough Parenting enables parents to meet their children’s Core Emotional Needs and avoid Exasperation Interactions. The six two-hour lessons can be taught as stand-alone sessions or in the form of a six-session workshop.

Session I – Avoiding Exasperation Interactions: Breaking Negative Patterns and Understanding the Interplay of Core Emotional Needs, Schemas, Coping Styles and Exasperation Interactions in Parenting This session provides an overview of research-based concepts such as The Importance of Parents Meeting their Children’s Core Emotional Needs, How Negative Thinking Patterns Can Be Caused by Well-Meaning Parents, and How Temperament Effects Children’s Coping Styles.

The next four sessions focus on each of the Core Emotional Needs:

Session II – Meeting the Core Emotional Need for Connection and Acceptance: Helping Your Children Feel Connected and Accepted

Session III – Meeting the Core Emotional Need for Healthy Autonomy and Performance: Giving Your Children the Gift of Autonomy & Self-Esteem

Session IV – Meeting the Core Emotional Need for Reasonable Limits: Establishing Boundaries and Expecting Cooperation While Maintaining a Good Connection

Session V – Meeting the Core Emotional Need for Realistic Expectations: Treasuring Your Children’s Gifts and Replacing Your Unrelenting Standards with Healthy Motivation

In the four sessions mentioned above, parents will be educated on the specific kinds of distorted thinking patterns that children may develop later in life if the respective core emotional needs are not met; parents will also be given practical help on how to meet these needs.

Session VI – Community, Repair and Reconnect: The Way Forward in Repairing and Reconnecting Relationships between Parents and their Adolescents This session focuses on the importance of parents roping in other healthy adults, along with adolescent peers, to make up for what may be lacking, as well as how parents can completely repair their relationship with their adolescents.