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Good Enough Parenting was better than good, it was Great! As a PhD in Educational Psychology, I have been to numerous training sessions on Marriage, Behavior, and Parenting, but none as practical and beneficial as GEP. GEP takes an in depth look in the before,during,and after of parenting. We laughed, cried, learned, and shared our victories as well as defeats. Everyone who attended the workshop was truly blessed by this training. It is a MUST for parents as well as grandparents!
Dr. William R. Scott, Gainesville, Christian Church Elder

Fantastic course; so needed in our churches and in my own parenting. Equipping saints with this course will help many families & save many souls to the glory of God!
~ Mr. CJ Wakefield, Evangelist, TN

Fantastic! I asked God why compared to all my peers did I have children so much later in life – my peers’ children are teens. Now I know – my children would have been completely exasperated by a younger me!
~ Sheree Wakefield, Women’s Ministry Leader, TN

The most comprehensive book on parenting I have read. The model is fantastic and can be applied to so much more than parenting. If applied, it would help any relationships grow.
~ Tedson (Ted) J, Campagna, Minister, NC

The workshop was absolutely wonderful! It gave me more of an awareness about myself as a person and parent.  I am excited about what is ahead in putting in practice what I learned.
~ Michelle Maharty, NC

Every parent or mentor should take this workshop. It will do more to bring clarity and confidence as you strive to meet the needs of your family or church.
~ Mr. Ad Brown, Technical Sales Manager & Elder, NC

This program provides an understandable context for the concepts of exasperation that we all encounter in the relationships that mean most to us, and it offers insights and applicable tools and approaches to heal hearts, relationships and dreams.
~ Martha H. Brown, Web Program Manager, NC

It has been extremely helpful to have John pinpoint the problems I have felt in my own parenting and where they come from. I am also thankful
~ Jenny Schneemann, Teacher (elementary), VA

This training helped me “understand” the most important issues to focus with my kids, Connection & Acceptance with them. It helped me know the difference between Moral, Personal, & Convential issues and how to properly address them with my kids.
~ Grant Schneemann, Aviation Safety Inspector, VA

The concepts taught in this course are helpful to anyone wanting to be a better parent, friend, counselor or church leader. I gained insight, awareness and learned skills that will improve my life, marriage, parenting and all my relationships – it was invaluable!
~ Cathy Rosenquist, Mental Health Counselor, VA

After teaching 9 years at the University of Florida, it is exciting to see church incorporating well-documented research, engaging multi-media, and a structured curriculum to teach such critical skills. Mr. Louis does such an incredible job seamlessly integrating these elements into a highly entertaining and practical presentation.
~ Sherwin Mackintosh, Elder, GA

I would recommend Good Enough Parenting as an essential teaching tools for Parenting classes. Many parent are unconscious and incompetent, therefore, have no strategies to avoid lifetraps and poor coping styles.
~ Mrs. Sharon Ivy, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, GA

This is an amazing training session – I have learned so much that I think will influence all of my relationships in some way (not just parenting). I see the things I’ve learned as having benefit for myself as a parent; benefit for my children and their children; and especially as someone involved in the Youth and Family Ministry in our Church.
~ Debbie Mackintosh, Elder’s wife, GA

In working with Pre Teen ministry this has been extremely helpful to understand needs and challenges of parents and how to organisationally implement mentoring within the church.
~ Mr. Bruce Nussbaum, Territory Sales Manager, NY

It has changed my life and given me great tools along with God, Holy Spirit, discipling, the church that will help me raise my kids. I feel so much hope!
~ Shonda Stevenson, Ministry, NY

One of the best and most practical parenting training that I have ever attended in my 25 years of being a parent. I believe that anyone or church that puts these principles into practice will definitely have healthy relationships.
~ Richard Ahenda, Evangelist, Uganda

This has been an amazing experience for me. It was very simple and clearly explained that made it very easy for me to grasp. I think every parent and those intending to be parents should all go through the GEP programme as a preparation. Great stuff.
~ Florence Ahenda, Women’s Leader, Uganda

I have found the GEP training session to be extremely informative, practical, spiritual and applicable! I encourage all leaders of churches to take this training!
~ Steven Cannon, Evangelist, IN

This training has been so impactful to me, that I feel I have gone through a conversion process. As I felt at my baptism, refreshed and renewed, this has changed my life and I didn’t want the training to end. I am very grateful and thankful to you!
~ Scott Kirkpatrick, Pastor/Evangelist, SC

The skills taught in this workshop are useful in truly helping our children and brothers and sisters to be stronger for the Lord and live healthy lives. Applying this knowledge will stretch my heart and my mind but the benefits will be everlasting.
~ Arlene Edney, Childcare Provider, SC

I am so grateful to have a better understanding of how I deal with my emotions and situations. I know that I can be a better parent and help others to parent more effectively. I found the use of film and my favorite TV show an excellent tool to not only remember better what I was learning, but also to have the re-enactment of situations.
~ Tabatha Pelletier, Stay at home wife/mother, SC

One can easily see the benefits of this training in the parenting realm but I can see how these principles & concepts (truth) would benefit the church overall.
~ Debbie Holt, Elder’s wife, Nashville

Good Enough Parenting is the gateway to repairing and reconnecting to our adolescents. This course is a “must-have” by all parents if you want to meet the Core Emotional Needs of your children.
~ Troy Schabacker, Military, TN

This training hits the bulls eye! It is absolutely the bottomline issue that our
church’s /families need to be taught. We have to meet the needs of our children and help them to see God through us in order to help them be saved! That is mighty fine!
~ Mrs. Holly Schabacker, Stay at home wife/mother, TN

We have two young adult daughters with whom I will share weaknesses / “wish I would have done.” Eager to hear their input. Professionally, I am more engaged with the effects of poor parenting skills on adolescents and will use this training to more effectively connect with students.
~ Dr. Deborah A. Ware, Public School Teacher (7th Grade), Columbia

I have worked as an educator and counselor (MA Counseling Psychology) over 12 years and served in the ministry for over 19 years and I have never attended a workshop on parenting that is as informative, relevant, and applicable as “Good Enough Parenting”. Fantastic is so many ways!
~ Willis Ware, Educator, Counselor, Columbia

This series gets to the heart of what parenting is all about – but what so many parents fail to do – connecting with our children on a heart level!
~ David Laing, Minister, Columbia

I was amazed how unconscious I was about how incompetent I am as a parent. By the end of the sessions, I believe that I may have improved to be a parent who is unconsciously competent. I plan to practice what I have learned, and my husband and I will teach our friends these invaluable skills!
~ Mrs. Alfreda G. Miller, High School Teacher (specializing in teaching children with Learning Disabilities & with Emotional Behavior Disorders), SC

Excellent! This training is very useful for disciples and non-disciples to learn how to better meet the needs of their children and spouses.
~ Royce V. Miller, Counselor, SC

This training is an all-encompassing and comprehensive program done in such a simple and illustrative manner that any parent or adult engaging with children would benefit immediately. Very nicely done!
~ Ann Cherian, Sr. Assoc. Director, Drug Regulatory Affairs, MA

Amazing in the scope and detail! Very well organized and extremely practical. Many applications, not only for parenting but personal healing and reconciliation!
~ Don Burroughs, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, GA

If you want to raise your children to develop inner strength to become their best, come and get trained how to parent them good enough.
~ Henning Hamre, Norway  

“Good Enough Parenting” has been a great eye-opener and a strong motivator to make every effort to meet all the core needs of my children, not only those that come as the most “natural” to me.
~ Ronny Yttrehus, Norway

Meets one of our greatest needs by training us to pass along to our children principles that will help them avoid lifetraps we have fallen into.
~ Paul Ramsey, Columbia, USA

This training not only helped me personally; but will be irreplaceable in redirecting our teen ministry. It will help us have healthier families.
~ Candy Ramsey, Columbia, USA

Very good class to learn how to meet the needs of children, develop close relationships in family settings and give them tools for living healthy lives.
~ JP Tynes, Orlando, USA

“Good Enough Parenting” is an intensively emotional experience that could help any parent learn about themselves as well as how to parent in a healthy way.
~ Patricia Tynes, Orlando, USA

I strongly value the emphasis on needs of kids rather than focus on problems of kids. I have a very proactive direction now as a parent.
~ David Bruce, Los Angeles, USA

Thanks for giving me an understanding of the importance of the core needs of children and equipping me with tools to meet them.
~ Beate Daae Rognli, Norway

It teaches us the core emotional needs of parenting that are crucial to the emotional health and development. Meeting this needs in children will help them develop into well adjusted adults, with few and less severe life traps. It makes it very clear how important it is for us to know God’s word and put it into practice as we raise our children.
~ Dr Tosan Livingstone, Pediatrician-Neurodevelopmental, NY

Great program that we intend to implement in our region.
~ Mr Atte Enyenihi, Financial Analyst, NY

In a world where cynicism and fault finding can leave many in despair for answers, especially in parenting, it is refreshing to know that John & Karen Louis focused on finding solutions to many of the problems that plague many parents.
~ Mr Samuel Gallison, Principal, NY

GEP is a phonemenal tool in training and preparing parents in raising their children thoughtfully, practically and biblically. The humility, candidness and humor of John & Karen Louis will have you on the edge of your seats craving more and proud to be a part of the journey of parenting.
~ Mrs Michelle Curtis, Women’s Ministry Leader Part-time, NY

This was amazing-Although I’ve received many good discipling over the 20+ years of being a disciple. I can see how I need to dig deeper with all myself to surface some dark areas in my life. Then see God’s hope & grace in my life. I can therefore, pass that along to my children.
~ Mrs Arllene Rivera, Mary Kay Consultant, NY

The merger of statistical, psychological and biblical facts & principles helped to produce a paradigm shift that is practical. Thank you.
~ Mr Jordan McLeod, Jewelry Designer, NY

This was one of the most amazing time of learning I have had in my life. I wish I had known this before my kids were born but so grateful to keep learning, change, help others & move forward.
~ Mrs Leigh Kinnard, Secretary, NY

“Good Enough Parenting” helped equip me to be a better parent and to help others to be better parents. John & Karen Louis are insightful, educated and encouraging teachers. This training seminar are tremendous.
~ Dr G. Steve Kinnard, Evangelist, NY

As a single youth worker with no children myself GEP has provided me with the tools to not only help parents build healty relationships with their children, but has also taught me how to build stronger bonds with teens, parents and friends.
~ Ms Lauren Powell, Speech/Language Pathologist, NY

GEP is an effective blend of theoretical and research-based parenting principles with a scriptural foundation. It uses the powerful visual tool of movie therapy to solidify main points and engage learners in a meaningful and applicable way. Many families and churches will be transformed as a result of this phenomenal program.
~ Mrs Nnenna Franciamore, Doctoral Candidate/Early Childhood Educator, NY

Very informative program that gives hope and actions to building better marriages and families. It provide a way to educate believes and non-believes on the value of life principles that can make a difference in life. Great presentation!
~ Mr Sam Powell, Evangelist, NY

This class was incredible! Although I’m not a parent, I was able to learn so much about myself and how I act affects others. I’m so grateful to have participated in this workshop before I have kids, the information will be extremely useful in the future.
~ Ms Sarah Anna Perez, Student (St Johns University), NY

This training enlightened me about core needs children have to grow & thrive as people & not become exasperated. I also learned for myself schemas I have that affect me & what coping mechanism I use in conflict.
~ Mr Kevin Finnerty, High School Science Teacher, NY

This program was very compelling and revealing. I walked away hopeful and enlighted. I feel like I know more about myself as a person and identified the root of the issues in my parenting style. I am very thanful for the commitment of the Louis!
~ Mr James R. Warren Jr, Evangelist, NY

GEP is a life changing program. It’s revealing, challenging, inspiring and moving program all wrapped in one. This has not only impacted me already but the people in my life in a few short days. I’m excited to see the fruit as time progresses.
~ Mr Ryan Erbe, Health Educator/Teen Minister, NY

This training has been life-changing for me. It has brought an awareness that I believe will allow me to break the chains of dysfunction in my life. Though the road will be tough, I feel this course has armed me with tools to make wiser decisions & bring my family closer.
~ Mr Steven Rivera, VP of Latin America& Caribbean Verizon, NY

GEP was very useful to me, in helping me to identify areas of my life & emotions and how it can play out in the way I parent. I am very grateful for having my eyes open to these areas so I can improve on them.
~ Mrs Kimula Campbell, Full time Ministry-Philadelphia, NY

This training has been an eye opener for me. I discover why I behave the way I behave by identifying my schemas, the good thing is that I also learned how to weaken my schemas./
~ Mrs Selma Neal, Teacher Assistant, NY

Fantastic material and fantastic presentation. Thank you so much!
~ Mr Larry Craig, Minister/Elder, NY

These principals are pearls of wisdom! I have young children and I am so grateful to have these new tools for my tool box. In fact I feel like I just inherited an entire new work room. On the door it says, “Welcome to a place of Connection & Acceptance!”
~ Mrs Laura Garrison, Technology Teacher, NY

I have been a disciple for 38 years. This training is the best by far of any training I have ever had.
~ Mr Tom Beene, Insurance Salesman, NY

Wow! Life-Changing!!! Way to not only see past challenges in life but how to really deal & heal to become a healthy emotional person for your life & lives of those you love around you!
~ Mrs Margle Mitchell, Stay-home mom, NY

I find this training session to be inspiring and motivational. It causes me to look introspectively as well as how I can help other parents in their marriage and their parenting of their children.
~ Mr Lewis Livingstone, Project Management, NY

As empty nesters of two adult children who are disciples we help to shepherd our church and are also the Children’s Ministry Coordinators. I believe this training will help us with all of our relationships, our marriage, our children and all those we are striving to help or influence.
~ Mrs Jami Lippencott, Retired teacher, NY

GEP provides not only a biblical approach to parenting, but also much reliable research that backs up God’s principles. It provide very practical and specific help , both in making parents more self-aware, and in guiding them to grow and changes.
~ Mrs Mary Lou Craig, Women’s Ministry Leader, NY

GEP provided much needed wake up call for me personally and for my leadership in the church. I have been inspired by the new direction. I know we can go in and the 10 years results that we will certainly see as a result of the skills and knowledge we have gained through the GEP training.
~ Mr James Brown, Evangelist, NY

My only regret about GEP, is that it was not around when my children were young. Yet even now with adult children, I am still use the principles I learned in GEP in order to repair and strenghten my relationship with them!
~ Mr Sheridian Wright, Ministry, NY

GEP is practical and provides a deep yet simple approach to create great families and amazing communities.
~ Mr James Franciamore, Teacher, NY

It is inspiring to be equipped with new tools for marriage growth and parenting my three children. I feel better prepared to deal with my own emotional issues as they are present when parenting our children, greater self awareness has saved me.
~ Mr James E. Campbell, Minister Philadelphia

Excellent way to help parents focus on development that could be overwhelming in a simple, practical format. Amazing tool in nurturing children from the cradle into adult hood, teaching skills that unveil parental inadequacies that ultimately can be harmful. Done in such a way that give hope both practically, and is friendly!
~ Mrs Deborah Wright, Women’s Ministry Leader, NY

This course is hands down the most useful & practical ministry training I have ever seen. I believe when put into practice this has the power to change the culture of our church and ultimately, the world !!!
~ Mr Ross Lippencott, Youth minister, NY

A lot of times I use my own experiences to address a situation, not knowing that one’s schemas, that my advice may be way off. I have been made more aware of the role of schemas in families to better think through situations.
~ Mr Anthony Toguchi, Digital Marketer, NY

GEP equips us on how to effectively give direction and training that will inspire both parent and child alike.
~ Mr Thomas Paregi, Youth & Family Minister, NY

Very creative instruction on basis and practicality of parenting. Defines practical approach to meeting the vital needs of our children as well as recognizing effect of parenting or ourselves.
~ Mrs Connie Beene, Chief Financial Officer, NY

GEP gives you so much understanding about who you are so you can be better equipp to be a good enough parent. So many times parents want a change in their kids. Parents know and have heard that it starts with them but do not understand what does that mean. GEP makes it very clear. Thanks!
~ Mrs Deysi Oeuacha, Women’s Ministry Leader, NY

We cannot give to others what we do not have. It’s important that we continue to mature & grow as disciples before we can truly be a light to or people in the world.
~ Mr Damon T. Curtis, Youth & Family Minister, NY