Need Pre-Marital Counselling or a Marriage Counsellor?

Pre-marital counselling:

To put is simply, prevention is better than cure. At Central Christian Church, we strongly believe in the benefits of pre-marital counselling to prepare each couple for married life. It is our view that this counselling has greatly contributed to our low divorce rate, which is around 2% out of roughly 600 people in our marrieds’ ministry. No matter how you look at the figures, this is a far cry from the secular world. Our pre-marital counselling allows couples to be trained specifically in how to meet the needs of Love and Respect for one another.

Marriage Counselling:

In Singapore the divorce rate is approaching 30%, so for every ten couples who go to the RN, three of those couples will ultimately file for divorce. Most couples actually do not know how to sort out their differences to use conflict to strengthen their relationship. Often, these lead to destructive conflicts where they hurt each other emotionally. Spouses then lose hope very quickly and they consider divorce may be the solution. We believe that if couples learn how to meet the need of love and respect then they will be able to turn conflicts into opportunities to strengthen their relationships.

If you would like more information on biblical* or secular marriage counselling,
please contact:

John & Karen Louis

Vincent & Jayne Sim

Teck & Patrice Lee

ZQ & Grace Yap

Alvin & Julie Fan (Chinese-speaking)

Hee & Angelia Phua

David & Wai Yee Lang

* Please note that biblical pre-marital counselling is free of charge.

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