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After 30 years of helping others with marriage counselling I have learned more this week than any other training modules in the past.
~JP Tynes, Evangelist, USA

“I Choose Us” has already changed my marriage! Through understanding more of the root of my behavior and why the negative patterns in my relationship with my wife are occurring, “I choose us” has given me a way to get unstuck and to meet each other’s needs. The is the most motivating teaching series I have ever attended!
~Ronny Yttrehus, Evangelist, Norway

Direct and to the point, would be helpful to have the forgiveness scale as a tool. The book is very useful to explain the teaching points.
~Dr. Mark Timlin, Medical Doctor, Australia

Tremendous stuff! Can’t wait to learn more and incorporate it into our church and ministry. The use of biblical principles combined with an understanding of what makes us act the way we do, illustrated by movie clips is a brilliant combination, powerful and effective.
~Paul Ramsey, Ministry / Administration, USA

This is an insightful & innovative way to help great marriages to be better, or to help troubled marriages.
~Candy Ramsey, Women’s Ministry Leader, USA

The promotion of self awareness at a very deep level, is powerful and necessary before any of the practical on marriage mean anything.
~Christopher Reed, Evangelist, Sweden

Now I know better that there are much more than I think to do in our marriage! We are not just to live and raise up kids together but to connect and fall in love with each other daily!
~Amber Chi, Staff of Taiwan Church of Christ, Taiwan

If you really want to have a healty & joyful marriage you must join this.
~Nadine Tseng, Staff of Taiwan Church of Christ, Taiwan

All I can say is, How True! Fundamentals that explain and help decipher our complicated problems. They are not really all that complex.
~John Dohlman, Administrator/DFW Church, USA

This was incredible presentation that prevails deeps insight into our relationship is how to build love and respect and breach harmful lifetraps.
~William Hooper, Minister/Elder, USA

Although Bill & I have been married for 45 years, we have learned some new “tools” for our marriage & also help others that we cared.
~Sally Hooper, Ministry, USA

I feel the analogy used within the course is really helpful in identifying where I am at in my marriage. The clear specifics on the core needs to be met in order to maintain a healthy marriage are a great toolbox for practical steps my spouse and I can take to actively build our marriage and make it flourish.
~ Fanney Frisback, Engineer/Project Manager, Iceland

For the first time in our twenty years of marriage I am learning, and have started to make a Love Connection with my wife. I wish I had learned this earlier. Life changing!
~Dinesh George, Evangelist, India

This can take any marriage to a different level of fulfillment and satisfaction. Promotes deep and genuine connection and understanding between the spouses.
~Caroline George, Women’s Ministry Leader, India

One week session together with GEP, open my eyes how I hurt my wife by my life traps and coping styles. Repentance released a lot of good energy.
~Marko Laakkonen, Communication Officer, Finland

This is very useful tool for couples to have constant love relationship with each other. Love can heal a lot.
~Tanja Laakkonen, Editor, Finland

We have taught “I Choose Us” to our congregation this spring with great success. Many marriages were helped by the training.
~Peti Szabad, Evangelist, Hungary

It helps us to understand what are our harmful patterns and how to change them.
~Virág Szabad, Women’s Ministry Leader, Hungary

“How to understand the way your relationship works and how to dramatically improve it”.
~Wybrand Oosterbaan, CFO, Finland

Very helpful to be aware of destructive conflicts and, even better, to get healing through limited reparenting.
~Dr. Saskia Oosterbaan, Medical Doctor, Netherlands

This is so beneficial even if you have a good marriage. It helps you get deeper and find the roots of your problems, what to name it and how to fix it.
~Ivor Botha, Evangelist, South Africa

Loved it-helped me to dig deep and work through feelings that make me react the way I do.
~Duncan Comrie, Evangelist, South Africa

I feel every couple especially those in the church (/ & those not who care about their relationship) needs to see and hear this. It is essential for growth in self-awareness and therefore growth in marriage. Too many couple settle for mutual affection rather than love connection!
~Lisa Comrie, Full-time ministry/Counsellor, South Africa

The material is fantastic and will help you understand yourself, your mate and your dynamics much better.
~Gordon Ferguson, Bible Teacher/Leadership Consultant, USA

It was insightful and useful for any married couple. It was full of wisdom, humour and practicals. The inventories provided personal insight into yourself and others.
~Theresa Ferguson, Women’s Counselor and Teacher, USA

Super! This is going to really meet needs in our community and church.
~David Hooper, Evangelist, USA

“I Choose Us” is one of the most helpful and thorough marriage programs that I have been a part of. I appeals to both men and women using movie therapy ! I loved it!
~Angela Hooper, Women’s Ministry Leader, USA

What a great tool to have a deeper understanding of my spouses’ feelings and needs.
~Claudine Sweeney, Entrepreneur, USA

Excellent – will use in Dallas.
~Dr. Todd Asaad, Evangelist, USA

The most important and life-changing marriage programme I have ever attended.
~John Britto, Evangelist, India

This really helps us as a couple to get the connection that was missing in our marriage, and I feel a lot closer to my husband… I want to go back and make sure I practice these principles, and I would love to attend any more similar training sessions.
~Beena Philip, Women’s Ministry Leader, India

Most revealing and enlightening material of the decade. Great combination of scripture, concepts and movie clips.
~Mark Pichamuthu, Evangelist, India

The programme opened up my mind and heart to see myself as how God sees me, to understand why I do the things I don’t want to do! I see my weaknesses better and also my core needs.
~Albert Shane, Evangelist, India

This programme has brought a lot of awareness about what can bring harm to the marriage… and what can bring more harmony to the marriage.
~Sheeba Alex, Women’s Ministry Leader, India

This truly revealed the root of most conflicts both in and out of marriage. Getting to the deeper waters seems not only more clean and possible but also very healthy and healing.
~David Bruce, LMFT, USA

This program helps to identify why we are “who we are” and gives so much hope to changing the future. Your help in the class was great. Your tone, warmth, understanding and laughter is inviting. Your personal concern and help will make an impact – Thank you!
~Cindy Morris, Youth Ministry Leader/Elder’s wife, USA

“I choose us” helped me to see my needs in marriage and give me the way to do the best. Thank you a lot. You really help us in Brazil. Thanks a lot!
Ettore Macciantelli, Evangelist, Brazil

I wanted to learn more about myself, so I could better help others. I received more than I could have hoped for. This training is clean, in depth and very user friendly. I am excited about the growth and progress I am confident will come. These training modules are A+ winners.
~ Guy Berndt, Minister, USA 

Excellent straightforward course with irrefutable stats to justify the concepts. I look forward to sharing it with the marrieds in Scotland!
~ Ben Brady, Evangelist, UK 

Most often many will come to a resolve “I choose me” because there are so few practical and hopeful means that will assure them that “I choose us” is real and attainable. This book by far is the best in getting to the core of many marital failures and bring help and healing to marital bliss.
~ Tresanay Cannon, Women’s Ministry Leader, USA

“I choose us” Is an amazing opportunity to equip your marriage with useful tools that will work for a lifetime! I have already seen the benefits and will be watching movies with greater focus and enjoyment!!
~ Robin Barnes, Women’s Ministry Leader, USA

It helps you to be more vulnerable and therefore get closer to your spouse. You also learn what triggers each other and how you can deal with that.
~ Marit Mulelid, Teacher, Norway

I loved how the movies brought the points to life. As young marrieds, I feel very lucky and grateful to have learned much about marriage. It has helped me to understand why my husband and myself act the way we do.
~ Erin Oluwalana, Campus Minister, USA