ILC Day 2 Women’s Lessons Archive

The Book of Ezra Laying the Foundation from Central Christian Church on Vimeo.
Karen Louis (Singapore) & SEA Region Core Group
laying the Foundation pptx 

Women’s Training Programme (Audio)

Getting Trained: How Having A Learner’s
Heart Is Paramount in Building our Spiritual Lives and Building our Churches
Anne-Brigitte Taliaferro ( San Antonio) Jeanie Shaw (Boston)

Building with Costly

Requires Godliness at Every Life Stage
Gloria Baird (Phoenix) Manami Yamazaki & Ayako Takemoto (Tokyo)


Women Teaching Women:

Conviction about 

Building the Women’s Ministry and Practicals related to Speaking to Women

Jennifer Lambert (Cincinnati) Lisa Johnson (Portland)
Conviction about Building the Women’s Ministry pptx

Building Your Part of the Wall:
Networking and Love = Evangelism
Lanny Tjie (Jakarta) Oksana Kononenko (Moscow)

Creative Leadership: Especially When There Is
No Woman On Staff
Patty Assad (Dallas) Fyon Chin (Kuala Lumpur)
Creative Leadership pptx