SEA Conference – Recording Archive

30 August 2014 (Saturday) Edge  9:30am – 12:00pm

in Heart, Mind & Deed

David Weidner
Robin Weidner 

Purity in Heart, Mind & Deed
Pure and secure pptx

Class Session 1:

Prayers that Move Mountains

How to have great QTs and a rock solid relationship with God – Will Archer, Straits Hall

One Thing

What is that one thing that will help us desire a relationship with God? – Kent & Heather McKean, Nusantara 1 (2nd floor – front)

As Iron Sharpens Iron…Who Is My Ironman?

Deepening our convictions on the need for discipling
– Jeff Henderson, Karen Louis Nusantara 2 (2nd floor – left)

Lord, Make Us All Bold! Effective evangelism on campus
– Steve & Shonda Stevenson, Harbour Room (Mezz)

I Will Give You All My Worship How worship helps me and helps others
– Darin & A.T. Ford, Temasek Room (Mezz) ppt


Class Session 2:

Why Believe?

What is the basis of putting our faith in God? – Steve & Shonda Stevenson, Straits Hall

Seeing Things Through God’s Eyes

A class for ALL young teens
– Anthony and Holly Toguchi, Nusantara I (2nd floor – front)

As Each Part Does Its Work

Taking peer discipling and small group dynamics higher
– Damon & Michelle Curtis,Nusantara 2 (2nd floor – left)

Sin Is Crouching At Our Door…

Keeping sin at the temptation level
– Jeff Rorabaugh, Harbour Room (Mezz)

Rise Up, O’ Men And Women Of God!

A class on becoming a leader for God
– Will Archer, Temasek Room (Mezz)

Called Out of the World Today, Change the World Tomorrow
Kent & Heather McKean
Called out of the World Today, Change the World Tomorrow pptx