Vincent & Christina Ho

Vincent and Christina were both baptized in 1992. Over the years they have served the church in many different ways, […]


Aik Loon & Mabel Lim

Aik Loon and Mabel serve in the church’s over 60s Golden Ministry, under the leadership of Alvin and Julie Fan. […]


Casey & Gaik Kee Lee

Casey became a Christian in 1989 and has been a faithful servant in the church ever since.  Together with his […]


Anthony & Phyllis Lim

Married in 1989, Anthony and Phyllis have 3 lovely children. They have been Christians since 1988. Both of them have […]


Richard & Serina Cheong

Richard and Serina were both baptised in 1988, and married in1991. They are the proud parents of three children. Richard […]


Jason & Veron Kuwe

Jason became a Christian in 1992 and became a Bible Talk leader shortly after. Although he is generally a conservative […]