Casey Lee Kok Cheong

Chairman (Church Member Since 1989) Engineer by professional, Casey is a successful entreprenuer and Director of Chevon International (S) Pte […]


Kuah Soo Lan

Committee Member (Church Member Since 1992) Mrs Kuah Soo Lan was baptised in 1992. In her professional life she is […]


Janice Lim Hoon Guek

Committee Member (Church Member Since 1996) An accountancy degree holder with more than 10 years of working experience in accounting […]


Djoko Prihanto

Committee Member (Church Member Since 1993) Djoko has been a Christian since 1993 and has served the church in various capacities. […]


Lee Teck Ming

Secretary (Church Member Since 1988) A degree holder of Msc. Arch. Engineering, Teck Ming is the regional administrator of churches in […]


Tan Chee Wan

Committee Member (Church Member Since 1989) Chee Wan has served the church as a leader in various ministries: campus, youths […]