Thong Yoke Ling

Yoke Ling has been a Christian since 1995. She holds a degree in Accounting and worked in Multi National Corporations […]


Darren Kok

Darren Kok is known for his resourcefulness, broad range of skills as a craftsman. The church has benefited a great […]


Sylvia Sim

With many years in a variety of administrative roles, Sylvia Sim serves as a support for the church’s accounting and […]


Esther Kok

Esther Kok has been a faithful Christian since 1993 and currently serves as the church’s Administrative Executive. Together with her […]


Janice Lim

Janice Lim became a Christian in 1996. She has a degree in Accounting, and worked in various accounting and auditing […]


Teo Yig Zern

Yig Zern became a Christian in 1990. Armed with a degree in Computer Science and lecturing experience in Temasek Polytechnic, […]