Connecting Families, Nurturing the Whole Child.



We believe that education is a process of helping each child learn as well as he or she possibly can. A child is deserving of respect, capable of learning and desires to feel connected and accepted. The Centre supports the child and family in meeting these needs.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum approach focuses on fostering the holistic development of young children through integrated themes and activities which are meaningful to them. We believe that children need to be exposed to the real world and thus we organize monthly field trips to enhance their learning. A healthy self-image is built through a positive relationship with teachers and parents; and the ability to care for themselves and make friends. We provide opportunities to acquire these through our practices founded in the research and theories.


Integrated into our themes are the following exposures for children:

  • Phonics and Story-Based Programmes
  • Math Programme
  • Art Programme
  • Gymnastics & Outdoor Programme
  • Music & Movement Programme
  • Learning Centre Activities
  • Field Trips

Our Classes

  •   Playgroup : 18 months
  •   Pre-Nursery : 3 years old
  •   Nursery 2 : 4 years old
  •   Kindergarten 1 : 5 years old
  •   Kindergarten 2 : 6 years old

Our Operating Hours

Full Day Child Care
7am to 7pm, Mon to Fri
7am to 2pm, Sat

Half Day Child Care
7am to 1pm or 1pm to 7pm, Mon to Fri
7am to 1pm, Sat
For more information on our Kids’ Kingdom Child Development & Learning Centre services please contact:


Thong Yoke Ling


Tel: +65 6315 9758 / +65 6343 8462
Email: principal@seachurches.org