Every Day God Is Enough (EDGE Ministry), is led by Phua Hee, Angelia Phua, Maureen Kok, David and Wai Yee

Because of its size and nature, the EDGE Ministry is genuinely diverse, and caters to the needs of singles ranging in age from their 20s up to their 50s. These singles build deep friendships as they meet together regularly in small groups (sometimes called family groups) to share about their lives, learn from the bible, and focus on having good, clean fun!

The members of the EDGE Ministry use their abundant talents to organize a variety of activities that suit everyone: sports, board games, singles mixers, movies hangouts, overseas retreats and even a book club. Of course, being Singapore, food is usually always involved, too!

In addition, the EDGE Ministry includes small groups of young married couples and newlyweds. Creating a safe and nurturing environment for these couples allows them to openly share common experiences with one another, ultimately strengthening them and helping them to grow closer to each other and to God.