Youth & Campus Ministry


The Youth & Campus Ministry is a vibrant and rapidly growing part of our church. Our goal is to help the youths come to know God while forging lifelong friendships with their peers. Our youths come together for weekly Friday devotionals, monthly community projects as well as various workshops, camps and lots of fun activities!

Our Youth Ministry comprises the Preteens (primary five and six students), Young Teens (lower secondary students) and Teens (upper secondary, ITE and junior college students) ministries. In each of these groups, our volunteer mentors strive to teach biblical principles that promote character growth in our youths.

The seamless transition of our youths, as they graduate from one ministry to the next, is made possible because of the partnership of all our volunteer Youth mentors. In particular, Tony & Ling Ling leads the Preteens, Richard & Serina  leads the Young teens and the ministry staff leading the teens and are overall in charge are Chern Yang and Yvette, under the guidance of Wee Keong and Joyce.

The Campus Ministry comprises those who are pursuing Diploma and Degree courses, as well as boys who are in the National Service. Together, they are taught to handle the pressures of life on campus, the military, and also at home while maintaining a balance in their spiritual and emotional lives. Fun activities that bond us together include bible discussions, overseas trips, parties and evangelistic meetings ;if it ain’t fun, it ain’t the Campus!

The ministry staff are Lubin, Anthony and Wei Ching, all of whom were campus students not too long ago but have decided to answer the call to serve God in the full time ministry! In addition, the mentors, led by Gin Kai & Karen, are volunteers who are committed to teach, guide, mentor and encourage our students as they transit from adolescent to young adults. God willing, the campus will continue to enjoy a time of great zeal and vigor. To God be the glory!